To look at a thing is very different from seeing it....Oscar Wilde
To look at a thing is very different from seeing it....Oscar Wilde
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Less Nine (16 1/8"x 6") $220.00 CDN
Ken McCurdy Photography

Less Nine (16 1/8"x 6") $220.00 CDN

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                                                     'Less Nine'

                                     The Backstory Behind the Image

In 2005, Alberta was celebrating its Centennial. A trail ride was organized to celebrate the provinces centennial year as part of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Two hundred bucking stock horses left the Stampede Ranch, near Hannah, Alberta, led by a chuckwagon and approximately 50 trail riders. They were to travel across open prairie land on a six day/206 km journey, stopping in several communities along the way. They were scheduled to arrive in Calgary the following Sunday ay 3 PM.

Nine of the Calgary Stampedes prized horses perished, after being spooked while on a bridge and fell into the Bow River, just a few kilometres from the end of the trail.

The remaining 191 horses arrived at Stampede Park after a delay, where I had been awaiting the arrival into the infield. I captured this Fine Art image as the herd made its entrance and was limited to just four frames before the dust made it impossible to see them all. This image is frame two of the four.

The same route had been taken for trail rides in 1987 and 2000 without incident.

Although the image was captured in 2005, I intentionally did not release this image for print until August 2019. It is a worthy print with a tragic story that honours the horses that survived, less the nine that perished.

The print was released with 9 Artist Proofs, for the fallen, and 191 in an Edition for the survivors.

Ken McCurdy

Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper with Epson Pigment Inks. The print is Archival to 200 years when displayed properly.